Art as a Manner of Coping

Struggling is a part of life. Some of us struggle with self esteem, some with obtaining safe housing, some struggle to afford food and some people struggle just to get clean drinking water.

Some of us struggle with illness; chronic, situational, refractory, lethal, permanent, etc. Sometimes this illness is invisible, sometimes obvious, sometimes both.

Some of us have struggled with unbearable losses, horrible traumas, abuse, maltreatment, addiction, incarceration, etc etc etc.

Struggling is a part of the human condition.

People cope with their struggles in many ways; some self medicate with drugs and alcohol, some exercise, some go to therapy, some throw themselves into their work, some shop, some eat, etc etc etc.

Some, like myself, turn to hobbies.

Whether it be writing, needle crafts, paper crafts, etc; art is my number one method of coping.

It’s an expression of my soul; it gives voice to the things I cannot put words to.

The exception to giving voice to the things I cannot put words to would be my snarky cards. With those I can say exactly what I need to say. I can release the anger, the hurt, the rage, and the frustration that has long built up in me.

A dear reader recently asked if I would share the inspiration behind a card I shared.

I am unable to share the specifics at this time. Writing them down triggers my PTSD. I will just say that there are three people who have deeply hurt and harmed me in my life.

When I make a snarky card I usually have one of those three people in mind. With my cards I can tell them in no uncertain terms exactly what I think of them. Though I’m 99% sure none of them have ever seen one of my cards (and even if they have I doubt that they are smart enough to guess that these cards are about them) I still find it cathartic to get it out.

Sometimes I make snarky cards for other reasons; sometimes I just want to laugh or make others laugh. Sometimes I need to smile or I feel the need to bring a small spark of joy to someone else’s day.

There are other reasons why creating is a coping method for me: it distracts me from the symptoms of my illnesses, it brings me joy, it makes me feel a sense of purpose and brings meaning to my life.

I am so thankful to have this amazing refuge to turn to.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Busted, crooks, arms full of books,



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