Counterfeit Stamps, Dies, and Me

I have something that I need to own up to; I have purchased counterfeit stamps and dies from Wish, AliExpress, and eBay as recently as this past winter.

I didn’t fully understand the impact that my actions had on the companies and artists who sold and designed these products. People who had spent countless hours on these items only to have all their hard work stripped away by unscrupulous people.

My justification was that I couldn’t afford the real thing and because of that I wasn’t harming the companies; after all it wasn’t as though I was able to afford to buy anything from them anyway.

I wasn’t directly stealing money from the stamp and die companies but by purchasing counterfeit products I was like one more drop of water in the flood that was drowning their businesses.

I was contributing to their loss and to theft.

Had I not purchased those counterfeit items there would have been a little less business for the counterfeit sellers.

Where there is no buyer there is no seller.

As for being unable to afford the real thing; instead of spending two dollars here and there with the counterfeit sellers I now save my dollars up until I can buy the real product.

It takes longer for me to save up for a genuine product and it costs a lot more. However I feel at peace because I know that I’m not hurting anyone nor contributing to theft and the violation of intellectual property.

It feels good to craft with a clear conscience.

I would rather have one real silver ring than ten fake rings that start out beautiful and shiny but end up turning my fingers green.

I have purchased knock offs of designs created by numerous companies and as a way to apologize and make it right I’ve been purchasing genuine items from each of them as I’ve been able to. I no longer use the counterfeit items and I no longer buy them. I will eventually make a video demonstrating the difference in quality between a knock off and a genuine product because believe me; the difference is vast. Not even close to comparable.

To all of the companies that have been wronged, to all of the artists impacted by the theft of their designs; I’m so sorry. I apologize for ever having contributed to the damage caused by counterfeit sellers and the people who purchase stolen wares.

When we do something wrong, make mistakes, screw up, etc it’s important to take responsibility for it, acknowledge it, and do our best to make it right.

When you know better you do better.

Please understand that behind these companies are real people. You might think that you aren’t hurting them but you are. You are like a match to the fires that are burning around them.

If you are having trouble affording stamps and dies please check out my blog post; Creating Below the Poverty Line.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Counterfeit Stamps, Dies, and Me

  1. I feel you <3 I bought some florals off ebay and then later realised they were actually based off Altenew products. I replaced them when I could but the struggle between going for cheap and going for genuine is real; crafting can be expensive!

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    1. Very, very true. I would think it would be even harder for you because of where you live. The high price of a genuine item for me is not even close to the price it is for you after shipping and all the other fees involved. I was looking at gel pens on Amazon after we talked about them. To send one to myself was less than $3. To send one to you would have been around $10


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