Adventures in Copic Collecting

I have been a die hard Spectrum Noir marker fan for almost a year. I love them but I’m frustrated over the limited options for obtaining refills.

That frustration is my reason for finally deciding to switch to Copics.

I’m on a very tight budget so that means I get these markers one at a time with a coupon.

I feel a bit like a criminal when I buy them.

For starters they’re kept in a locked display case and there are security cameras overhead and at the ends of the aisle.

After waiting three hours for a clerk to arrive you then wait another day and a half for them to go and find the key for the display case. When they finally come and open the case you tell them which marker you want.

They say, “That’s it? Just the one?!”, in a sort of exasperated tone. You say, “Yup” and then The Copic (peace be upon it) extraction commences.

The clerk escorts The Copic (peace be upon it) to the register while you trail behind. I’m surprised that there isn’t an armored vehicle and armed security guards as well.

You wait in line and go to the register. You tell them you’re there for The Copic (peace be upon it).

They call out to the other register jockies to see who has The Copic (peace be upon it). The Copic (peace be upon it) is brought to your clerk who scans your coupon, The Copic (peace be upon it), and asks, “That’s it????”.

Yes, Sheila. That’s it.

I feel like I’m buying narcotics the way they treat these markers. Or some rare, holy item.

I get it; people steal them. They’re expensive and the store is doing what is necessary to prevent theft.

It reminds me of how, where I live, you have to show identification and sign for Sudafed at the pharmacy. You know the one; the decongestant that’s great for sinus problems? Well, it’s also the one that people were using to make meth. Do people still make meth? I haven’t heard of it being an issue for a long time. Anyway.

Why is it that the majority has to pay for the bad choices made by the few?

I’ve never stolen holy Copic markers and yet I’m treated like a potential shoplifter.

I’ve never used Sudafed to make meth and yet I’m treated like a potential meth lab purveyor.

Why do the clerks at the craft store get such an attitude over my one by one marker buying?

Who decided to make green jello?

Thanks for taking the time to read what I have to say.

Until next time,

Meth, death, take a turn left,



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