Card Making Subscription Boxes/Kits

Every month on Instagram my feed is filled with a slew of nearly identical handmade cards.

I find many of them quite beautiful. The trouble is that it’s hard to tell them apart.

I have never owned a card making subscription box or kit and although I occasionally find myself wishing I could afford one I know that I will likely never buy one.

I do not think poorly of anyone who buys or enjoys these kits and boxes. There are many wonderful things about them. For example I’ve heard that they are a great value and that they make creating easier.

However, aside from my financial limitations I honestly do not see the appeal of them.

I don’t want to make cards that look almost identical to all the other cards being made. I want to make things that speak to me and my preferences; not what spoke to the preferences of a company.

If you are someone who enjoys these boxes and kits please know that my intention is not to belittle or criticize you. If creating from a kit or box is what brings you joy then please, by all means continue what you are doing.

I am not attempting to dissuade people from purchasing card making subscription kits and boxes nor am I attempting to change anyone’s views on them. I simply want to encourage those who, for whatever reason, cannot obtain one of these kits or who choose not to.

Things to remember:

  • Don’t feel bad because you don’t have what everyone else has. While they’re all making similar cards or art yours will stand out from the crowd
  • Creativity comes from your soul. Not a box
  • If you want a box or kit go for it. More power to you! I support people doing what makes them happy
  • If you feel left out because everyone has this super cool product keep in mind that a similar product is likely already on the market or will be in time
  • You don’t need it. You may want it but there is a huge difference between need and want

That’s all for now.

Until next time,

would you, could you in a box?



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