Dudes Craft, Too: Adam Karle

Hello, hello! Today I have the privilege of bringing you an interview with a terrific guy and an amazing artist. Adam is an adept card maker. The manner in which he utilizes design and symmetry are nothing short of exceptional.

I’ll have a link to his Instagram account down below so that you can see more of his work.

What is your name and in which country do you currently reside?

Adam Karle, USA.

What drew you to card making?

I became interested when I saw some of the original crafting shows with Martha Stewart. I always loved the detail work in the projects and it appealed to my OCD.

Do you do any other crafts?

I like to stick my big toe in mixed media a bit.

Have you always been creative?

I would like to think so. I started in music with a bit of piano but mostly voice when I was in school. I sang at weddings and funerals as well as in chorus at school.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Music, travel, art books, color theory, and sometimes my dreams.

Is there anything you struggle with in terms of card making?

I have rules that I must adhere to when creating my designs. There are certain things I just can not do or put on my cards. These are known as the ‘Adam Rules’. Examples are: when using sequins they must be of different sizes, when creating a scene images must be grounded and not floating on the card, elements need to be in odd numbers, etc.

What has been your proudest card making moment or achievement?

My proudest moment was being recognized by industry icons at a trade show and having then call me by name.

What, if anything, would you change about the card making community?

Nothing, I find them to be very supportive of one another.

What, if anything, would you change about the card making industry?

I would like to see more pop culture, trendy, and edgy themes. It is slowly happening but I would like for it to happen faster. I think the card making audience is evolving and it is becoming less older women and more younger women and men.

How would you describe your card making style?

I love clean and simple. I like white space, too.

What do you enjoy most about card making?

The creative outlet of it and having others to bounce ideas off of.

Stereotypically card making is considered by many to be a hobby in which only females participate. Have you experienced any judgement or discrimination based on this stereotype?

Many years ago I did feel discriminated against. I would take a class and no one wanted to sit by me. Now that is not an issue. I am very much accepted and often sought out as a source of knowledge and ideas that may be different then those of the female card makers.

How how have you dealt with the judgement or discrimination?

I did not take it personal. I did what made me happy. If I had let it bother me I would have stopped crafting.

Do you feel that, as a male card maker, you bring any experiences or attributes to the craft that you might not otherwise if you were female?

I think sometimes men see things differently because their life events are different than women’s. Often people just have different tastes regardless of being male or female. Not sure gender really matters.

What is the best thing about being a male card maker?

We stand out in a crowd of crafters. But not so much any more because more men are taking up the craft and doing it quite well.

What is the most challenging?

I think it is the same for men and women; it’s finding inspiration.

What changes, if any, would you like to see happen in the card making industry as far as male card makers are concerned?

More stamps and products geared toward men.

Lastly do you have any advice, tips, suggestions, or words of encouragement for other male card makers?

Do not let anyone talk you out of making cards. Do what makes you happy.

What words of wisdom or encouragement do you have for others?

Never compare yourself to others. Do not get upset about the numbers: number of likes, number of comments, number of followers. Just do what makes you happy and you will have the best outcome.

Adam, thank you for taking the time to share your perspective with us. I can guarantee you one thing; if you and I were to ever take a class together you would not be sitting alone.

I think your ‘Adam Rules’ are fairly sound rules of design but I can understand how they might hinder you at times.

I’m happy that the consumer base of the stamping industry is changing and I am also eagerly awaiting many more trendy, edgy designs.

To see more of Adam’s work you can find him over on Instagram.

Until next time,

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