Dudes Craft, Too: Antonious Maximus

Hello, hello. Today I’m bringing you an interview with a guy that a number of people were recommending for this series, Antonious Maximus.

Ant Max is a heck of a guy. A wordsmith, a card maker, an artist; he draws out the best in everyone around him. He has the uncanny ability to intuit truths about things that most would completely overlook.

He’s a great person and a wonderful friend.

I’m bursting with pride to be sharing his thoughts and words of wisdom.

What is your name and where do you reside?

Antonious Maximus and I currently reside in The Rose City in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America.

How did you first get started in card making?

There was an occasion where I wanted to invite someone to coffee but nothing I found in the stores was fancy enough. The card I made started with an ancient cling stamp from the crafting collection. With severe embellishment it weighed 3 pounds when it was done (slight exaggeration but I think the handmade envelope added another pound. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it.) I never got a response but the memory of the card still makes me smile.

What continues to draw you to card making?

The ability to make art without traditional art skills . Card making gave me a new found ability to express myself and share through artistic creation. Which, after years of feeling like I didn’t have the talent nor the opportunity to create the things that constantly formed in my mind and moved me, was a much needed release.

What do you enjoy most about card making?

It provides me with a relatively judgement free zone to express myself, explore, and create. My craft cave is a safe escape from everywhere else and feels like sacred ground. When it’s all said and done there is something to send out that can provide joy for someone else.

From beginning to end the process is gratifying; the shopping, the learning, the interacting with the community. To me this is a passion; an unquenchable fire. My mind creates more cards than I can physically make.

Have you ever experienced any discrimination in regards to your being a male card maker?

Although some places in the crafting community project a girl group image I don’t feel that I’ve ever been discriminated against.

Do you do any other crafts?

I’ve made beaded jewelry at a very basic level, customized packaging for gifts, made several different types of magnets, dabbled in leather crafting, and I’ve had photography and food mix with crafting at times.

Have you always been creative?

As far as I can tell, yes. I got lost (still do) in my imagination a lot. At a very young age I thought that films, tv, and music were going to be my future because I was always creating stories with my stuffed animals, toys, and my friends. I found myself often singing songs that I’d never heard before. The hard part about being a shy kid was that it was hard to share except when others were playing as well.

Over the years I’ve found the customization of anything to be satisfying.

Fashion has always been deeply intriguing to me.

The first time photography entered my life it never left.

Writing came later in life.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration has its own flow and sparks my imagination to follow it.

Is there anything you struggle with in terms of card making?

I have found that energy (being a Stamper Without Spoons means I’m exhausted a lot), coloring (I still keep it super simple), and my ability to learn new techniques can be a struggle (I’ve always been mostly a hands on learner).

What has been your proudest card making moment or achievement?

That’s a tough question. I would have to say that I think that seeing improvements in each new card I make is my greatest achievement and proudest moment.

Turning Gerda Steiner’s flamingo into a sneaky Christmas card is a favorite .

The Simon Says Stamp Heffy Doodle S’more card with the vellum over tree background was another proud moment. There’s a bunch.

What, if anything, would you change about the card making community?

I don’t feel strongly about changing the community as the people that make up the community are the ones who set the tone for it. It is great we have a large community to be a part of and to explore .

What, if anything, would you change about the card making industry?

I would like to see the industry have the resources to help designers protect their designs. I’m wondering if there are attorneys who are either crafters themselves or the partners of crafters who would be willing to put some time and resources into taking down the companies who steal and sell product designs. I also wonder if there could be a counsel to help designers correctly copyright their work.

How would you describe your card making style?

My style is “Caveman Custom”. A bit rudimentary at times but creating primarily with a recipient in mind; that means getting to know their likes and trying to tailor my card toward their preferences with my abilities (usually stretching them in the process).

Do you have any words of wisdom or encouragement to offer?

Embrace your uniqueness, be yourself, follow your happiness, encourage others, and give freely. If you want to receive then give with no expectation. This don’t mean force a smile . I am generally a grumpy monkey but being nice to others is the best painkiller I know.

Ant Max, I am happy that the crafting community has a guy like you in it. You are a good person through and through. Never forget that.

You can find Antonious Maximus on



Make sure you check him out. This is one guy you will definitely want to get to know.

Until next time,

Markers, crayons, frying pans,



2 thoughts on “Dudes Craft, Too: Antonious Maximus

    1. Thank you. He is one in a million! Wonderful guy and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to interview him for my series


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