If You Give an Artist Unmedicated ADHD

If you give an artist unmedicated ADHD she is going to want to photograph her work.

While gathering props for her photos she will come across some unorganized sequins.

She will realize that she needs a sequin organization system.

She will spend 45 minutes on Amazon searching for the perfect container.

After she clicks buy now she will check her Facebook notifications.

While she is on Facebook she will see a beautiful picture that someone made with colored pencils.

Seeing the picture will remind her of her photos. She will go back to take them and realize that she has misplaced the sequins she wanted to use as photo props.

While searching her desk for the sequins she will find some paints that she has been meaning to swatch.

While searching for her favorite paint brush she will find her sequins.

After she finds her sequins she finally takes her photos.

After she takes her photos she thinks about how much she dislikes being so scatterbrained and disorganized.

She starts doing searches online to see if there is an ADHD medication that won’t interact with her current medication regime.

While looking at all of the drug interactions that make ADHD medication incompatible with her current cocktail she remembers that she hasn’t taken her medication today.

When she goes to take her medication her family begins asking her what they will have to eat for lunch.

The artist forgets about her medication yet again while she searches the cabinets for inspiration.

While cooking mac and cheese and chicken nuggets she thinks that they should also have some fruits and veggies.

She turns on the radio to have something to listen to while cooking and can’t find a good station.

She heads back to her studio to grab her stash of CDs. While looking for the CDs she finds her favorite paint brush. Seeing the paint brush reminds her of the paints she’d been meaning to swatch.

She sits down to paint and the oven starts beeping. The chicken nuggets are done.

She sets the paints down and goes to take the nuggets from the oven. The mac and cheese has boiled over and the noodles are a soggy, stuck to the pan disaster.

Seeing how she has screwed up yet again she decides to write a blog post about it because surely she is not the only one.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “If You Give an Artist Unmedicated ADHD

  1. I’m right there with you hun, and my son is in the same boat. To top it off I have my son who’s just like me and I have to remember to give him his meds everyday… he’s been to school a few time’s without them, ‘cause it the blind leading the blind at my house… I will spend an entire day cleaning with nothing to show for it. P.s love your book reference

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    1. Thank you for catching the reference! I was hoping someone would. It is difficult when you, as a parent, struggle with your health and have a child who also struggles with theirs. The good thing about this, though, is that as parents we understand the things our children our going through more than parents who have not themselves experienced such difficulties. Keep going. You’re doing a great job.


  2. LOVE your writing and how you look at life – honestly! We are all a mess. But the ones that can’t admit that they are a mess are the worst. Even the voices in my head agree with me. Great post! Sorry you burned the mac n cheese (my fav dish to make).

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