My Life, Saved

“Positive?” I said into the phone, “Does that mean I’m pregnant?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” my doctor answered before quickly following that with, “but you, know, there are a number of options for you.”

“There are no options for me,” I quickly interjected.

“I’m keeping my baby.”

I was twenty one. He was forty eight; one year older than my father.

Despite him, I told myself, despite him I would have this child. Despite him I would be a good mother. Despite him I would continue to fight and to live.

My son saved me. I felt as though God Himself was intervening in my life in such a way that my negative path had the potential to be reversed. I eagerly seized upon the opportunity and I must say that I flew with it.

My son is one of the reasons I am alive today. He has given me such reason to press on. He has inspired me to do more. He has caused me to have a deep desire to continue growing and healing.

I tell people that my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I mean that. I cannot fathom my life without him.


“i carry your heart with me, i carry it in my heart. i am never without it. Wherever you go, i go, my dear.”

e. e. cummings


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